Nepal, is the home of 20 million people whose customs and languages are as diverse as the terrain. Nepal is a land where deities mingle with mortals, and strange legends follow yak caravans down from the mountain passes to become part of the Hindu folklore. Here live the Gurkhas, famed for their courage; the Sherpas, legends in mountaineering and the Newars, skilled craftsmen who contribute to the rich artistic heritage of the Kathmandu Valley. Kathmandu, capital of Nepal is a unique blend of religions, temples, palaces and people.

Nepal is a diversified country ranging from the vast lowland jungles at around 150m above sea level to the highest mountains on earth, which include ten of the world’s fourteen 8,000 metres peaks.

From the jungles of the Terai, stronghold of the Royal Bengal tiger and the Greater One-Horned rhinoceros, the land begins to rise. At first it climbs gently through hills chequered with fertile terraces, small villages and ancient cities. Then the slope of the earth steepens and merges into massive walls where trees cease to exist and snow and ice begin. Even higher, the savage beauty culminates in Sagarmatha, Goddess Mother of the World, the highest mountain on earth, Mount Everest !

Adventure tourism here dates back to the early attempts to scale the world's highest peaks. It has come a long way since. While trekking, mountaineering and game watching have long been popular, an entire range of other possibilities have been explored in the recent years- rafting, biking, fishing, rock climbing, paragliding, ultra-light aircraft, hot air ballooning, mountain flight, boating, canyoning and bungy jumping.

This varied landscape has some of the best sites for these activities, raging rivers to run, mountains to scale, clear blue skies, challenging treks, fine lakes and rivers to boat, fish and raft down and a wild terrain to ride. Come be part of the experience !

It is in this mystical land of diversity, beauty and excitement, a land unparalleled in the world, that the name ……………has for over 15 years been synonymous with prestigious, high quality and responsible tourism in Nepal.

We offer a range of exciting holidays to suit all ages and requirements. You may participate in just one of the adventures/culture program that we have to offer or combine several to create a complete adventure package.