What to bring and wear ?

What to bring

Travel is an activity which requires some little equipment. We tend to choose lightweight varieties according to the Nepalese terrain.
Personal belongings

A Flashlight
A Rainwear
Personal Clothes
Pocketknife (Be sure this is packed in your checked baggage to avoid hassles with airport security).
Slippers or Sandals
Sun Cream
Sunglasses or Goggles
Water Bottle

Medical kit
Adhesive Tapes
Aspirin or Paracetamol
 Codeine (30 mg)
 Cotton Gauze Pads
 Elastic Bandages
 Moleskin or Second Skin
 Pepto-Bismol Tablets
 Tetracycline or Bacterium
 Throat Lozenges
 Tiniba (500 mg)

What to wear?

Nepal being a Himalayan Kingdom and very close to snowy peaks, it is advisable to all visitors to bring pairs of warm clothes. The monsoon starts from mid of May to last of August. An umbrella or a rain coat is necessary. During summer, pair of light trousers along with T-shirts is sufficient but it is chilly in the morning and evening hrs. Winter is cold about -2 degree minimum without any snowing in any valleys. A warm jacket like trekking gears is the most. Travelling in cities e.g. Kathmandu and Pokhara, sport shoes is enough and comfortable.

It is better to be decently clad when visiting any place. Sun and beachwear is not proper when roaming around. Briefs, shorts, bare shoulders and backs may not be appreciated. One need not be stiff and overdressed but comfortably and decently covered.