Nepal Art and culture are both chiefly the manifestations of the religious beliefs of the country. The chief feature of Nepal Art has been its delicacy and decor. The Nepal Art is beautifully influenced by the culture of the people and is intertwined with their everyday lives. The two most famous manifestations of the Nepal Art are the sculptures and the paintings. There is very little influence of the modern world in the sphere of Art in Nepal.

The earliest forms of he Nepalese Art are the manuscript illustrations on the palm leaves. The earliest manuscript found dates back to 1015 A.D. by the name of Astasahasrika Prajnaparamita. The wooden boxes used to cover these manuscripts are more often than not much more delicately decorated. The influence of religion on this work of art of Nepal is clear from the way images of gods and goddesses are used to decorate the manuscripts. These Gods belong to both the Hindu as well as the Buddhist religions. Other popular forms of painting are the metal sculptures.

Sculptures are another major genre of art at Nepal. Much of the earlier sculptures are found in the Terai regions of the country. Like the paintings, most of the sculptures are religious in theme. The copper, bronze and stone sculptures belonging to the Lichchhavi period are the most beautiful ones. Woodcarving is another important name among the various art forms in Nepal