If you have suffered from any chronic illness in the last 12 months it is better to consult with a doctor, it is important that the holiday you are proposing to take, its duration and the travel arrangements involved. When you book, you must tell DNTT about these and any other medical facts which may to affect your holiday plans and even most cases DNTT can arrange needs and cover of your travel companion. Such as difficulties, particular diet etc. If any material circumstance arises that is likely to affect you, must advise us.
Hospitals & Drug Stores
There are 24 hrs emergency services within Kathmandu Valley, Pokhara, and Chitwan and in other major cities. Hospitals in Manang, Namche, Dhunche, Jomsom, Humla, Jumla and Jiri have been serving local and foreigners providing international standard drugs. Doctors from many different countries offer volunteer service in the Mountain and cities within Nepal. First aid services are available in any part of the Kingdom.

The drug house and dispensaries of Kathmandu sell all kinds of medicines, including those imported from overseas. The major hospitals and private clinics are available in Kathmandu Valley.

You must be adequately insured for your holiday to cover all contingencies including medical cover and emergency repatriation home. All our packages exclude your insurance. You are adequately insured for all your needs, including medical emergencies. Please also make sure your insurance is valid from the time of booking until your return from holiday.