Bhutan tourism

The tourism council of Bhutan,Bhutan tourism policies

The tourism sector is the largest source of revenue In Bhutan. Following the tourism boom of 1974, we realized the beauty of our land and felt that we had something exceptional and special to offer to the modern world-- a spiritual, cultural and natural heritage, which we wished to share with others.

The country's tourism policy places great emphasis on responsible tourism in Bhutan because responsible tourism tends to respect our rich culture & traditions. Moreover, it contributes immensely to the conservation of our natural and cultural heritage. It also improves the well-being of our countrymen on the parameters of Gross National Happiness (GNH) for which Bhutan is famous the world over.

Since 1974, Bhutan has followed a policy of sustained growth which translates into a high value, low volume tourism policy. The Bhutan government has actively managed visitors in keeping with the policy. Tourists from across the world have been required to travel with licensed Bhutan tour operators accompanied by licensed tour guides. Tourists are also provided accommodations in licensed hotels. These measures have gone a long way in preserving the high quality of the infrastructure tourists experience during their Bhutan travel.

Tourism royalty

You can contribute toward ensuring the sustainability of Bhutan's public services, including the totally free education and health care services provided to the citizens of the country by paying a nominal tourism royalty of US$ 65 or about 35 percent of your tour payment paid to the government of Bhutan. As you can see, the money you spend while in Bhutan contributes significantly and directly toward improving the quality of life of the people in the country.

Environmentally friendly and culturally conscious

As one of Bhutan's leading licensed tour operators, we at Travellers Kingdom are fully committed toward protecting the environment at all costs. It is our unqualified mandate to promote responsible trekking and discourage even relatively minor environmental erosions such as lighting cooking fires at night. Our highly trained and experienced camp staff which will accompany you on your treks in Bhutan to ensure your comfort and good spirits carries gas cookers for cooking camp food and ensures that any litter generated is properly disposed off. In keeping with the tourism policy of low impact tourism in Bhutan we make it a point to brief our guests about the trek, the topography involved, local practices, precautions to take and simple common sense rules to follow to make your trek in Bhutan a safe and memorable experience.


All our trek and tour itineraries are carefully planned in close consultation with industry experts. Be sure to ask us about our customized travel programs ideal for both individuals and groups.

Payment Procedures

The most efficient way to pay for your travel, in addition to using credit cards, is to execute an international wire transfer. We will provide you with complete information when you ask for them. All transactions involving travel are closely monitored by the Bhutanese government with a view to protecting the interests of its international tourists.

Quality Service

Travellers Kingdom provides top flight quality service every step of the way. We provide you a secure, safe and comfortable travel experience throughout your stay. Whether your trip is a trek, a holiday excursion or simply a week of R&R, we are standing by to take care of all the arrangements for you. Quality accommodations, exotic cuisine cooked hygienically and reliable private transportation are our hallmarks. Our experienced and knowledgeable trek and tour guides all of whom are fully licensed by the Government, will help transform your Bhutan travel experience into a bundle of joyous memories that will last a lifetime.