Bhutan Custom Duty

Like most countries in the world, Bhutan too has a set of customs rules and regulations which you are asked to follow not only when you leave Bhutan. You will complete a Passenger Declaration Form just prior to entering Bhutan. If you are entering the country by air, a flight crew member will give you the form to complete. The form is in English so you will not experience any difficulty. For those who need assistance owing to a physical disability of language difficulties, the flight crew is always standing by to assist you. Please complete the form truthfully and correctly. Ask the crew member for help if a question is unclear to you.

Bhutan Travel by Land

If you are planning to enter Bhutan by land, you will be asked to complete the Passenger Declaration Form at the border crossing. An immigration or customs official will assist you just in case you have a need to seek a clarification. The entire process will take less than five minutes since the forms are very short and ask for mostly general and routine information. You will need to copy information from both your ticket and your passport so please keep both documents handy.

Here is a short list of items that are duty free

Your personal effects and articles for your daily use Either 400 cigarettes, 150 grams of pipe tobacco, 2 boxes of cigars (or 50 pieces) Instruments, apparatus or appliances for professional use if you happen to be a professional such as a doctor or a commercial photographer Up to two (2) liters of alcohol (spirits or wine) Photographic equipment, video cameras and other electronic equipment for personal use


The last two items should be noted on the Passenger Declaration Form. If you happen to either sell or gift these items, you will be expected to pay a customs duty on them. The Passenger Declaration Form stays with you and is surrendered when you leave the country. Therefore, do not lose it and staple it to your passport.

Restricted products during your Bhutan travel

Please do not take the following items with you to Bhutan during your Bhutan tour since they are not allowed:
Antiques All narcotics and drugs except medically prescribed drugs and that too with full documentation such as a doctor's prescription and your medical records Any type of wildlife products especially those of endangered species Any type of arms, ammunition and explosives regardless of the intent or purpose

The import of plants, soil and other related items are subject to quarantine regulations as per the laws pertaining to tourism in Bhutan. Unless you have a very specific and unavoidable reason to bring them into the country, try not to do so since it will waste plenty of your time at the airport or at the border. You obviously wouldn't want your lovely Bhutan vacation to start on a melancholy note.
Another word of caution. We also ask that you not purchase any rare products, antiques or items of religious significance if they are old since you may not be able to take them out of the country easily.

Please consult with your account representative at Travellers Kingdom prior to making such purchases.