EBC Lhasa Tour

Kathmandu EBC Lhasa Tour

The Tibet when Mount Everest Base Camp Tour is a certainly accumulate tour of Tibet considering visits to the cultural, historic and natural Rongbuk monastery. The tour includes all the important places of incorporation in central and south Tibet including a visit to Rongphu Monastery and Mt. Everest Base Camp. Kathmandu to Lhasa including Everest Base Camp North tour is one of the goal for all individual. This overland journey gives you more adventure vis--vis Tibetan blazing, And The Rongphuk monastery itself is one of oldest and Highest Monastery in Tibet. As Tibet is described big in terms of geographical and altitude;
This tour is not as a consequences vast because we accomplish dozen of group in this sector, It was 100% safe till now from the child to elder people. You just concentrateis what needs to be followed as an advice which we have the funds for you during our briefing in order to familiarize your body to the height.